Near-infrared technology for improved PIVC placement: a clinical technology implementation model.

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British journal of nursing (Mark Allen Publishing)


washington; swedish


AIMS: To share lessons learned from an evidence-based practice (EBP) initiative that implemented near-infrared (NIR) technology in a large US hospital system. A Clinical Technology Implementation Model (CTIM

BACKGROUND: EBP implementation, including the adoption of new cutting-edge technologies, is crucial to improving patient care. Yet there are significant delays in changes to clinical practice, often due to organisational challenges that stifle the implementation process. The evidence-practice gap is increasingly evident in peripheral intravenous access (PIV). Implementation science offers new insights into the challenges of updating clinical practice, which can support EBP implementation.

EVALUATION: Recent literature on implementation science, change theory, PIV access, NIR technology, and patient outcomes were reviewed. A model that can help nurse managers implement technology that aligns with EBP is presented, drawing on experience from the adoption of NIR vein visualisation to enhance PIV access in a large US hospital system.

KEY ISSUE: A pervasive hesitancy in healthcare to embrace technology, coupled with the challenges of implementing a change to practice, has led to limited application of EBP PIV access guidelines and a stagnant standard of care.

CONCLUSION: This article provides nurse managers with the tools necessary to successfully implement EBP, drawing on the experience from implementing NIR in a large US hospital. Nurse managers are uniquely positioned to lead the way in embracing technology to improve care and reduce the evidence-practice gap.




Hospital Medicine