Characterization of Peroxisomal Regulation Networks.

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Sub-cellular biochemistry


ASSURE motif; EGRIN; Kinetic modeling; Multiscale modeling; Peroxisome biogenesis; Systems cell biology


Peroxisome proliferation involves signal recognition and computation by molecular networks that direct molecular events of gene expression, metabolism, membrane biogenesis, organelle proliferation, protein import, and organelle inheritance. Peroxisome biogenesis in yeast has served as a model system for exploring the regulatory networks controlling this process. Yeast is an outstanding model system to develop tools and approaches to study molecular networks and cellular responses and because the mechanisms of peroxisome biogenesis and key aspects of the transcriptional regulatory networks are remarkably conserved from yeast to humans. In this chapter, we focus on the complex regulatory networks that respond to environmental cues leading to peroxisome assembly and the molecular events of organelle assembly. Ultimately, understanding the mechanisms of the entire peroxisome biogenesis program holds promise for predictive modeling approaches and for guiding rational intervention strategies that could treat human conditions associated with peroxisome function.


Institute for Systems Biology