Clinician's Guide to the Updated ABCs of Cardiovascular Disease Prevention: A Review Part 1.

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The American journal of medicine


Cardiovascular disease; Prevention; cards


Efforts to better control risk factors for cardiovascular disease and prevent the development of subsequent events are crucial to maintaining healthy populations. In today's busy practice environment and with the overwhelming pace of new research findings, ensuring appropriate emphasis and implementation of evidence-based preventive cardiovascular care can be challenging. The ABCDEF approach to cardiovascular disease prevention is intended to improve dissemination of contemporary best practices and facilitate the implementation of comprehensive preventive strategies for clinicians. This review serves as a succinct yet authoritative overview for internists and subspecialty cardiologists not otherwise focused on cardiovascular prevention. The goal of this 2-part series is to compile a state-of-the-art list of elements central to both primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease, using an ABCDEF checklist, with particular focus on recent society guideline updates. In Part 1 we highlight developments in cardiovascular risk assessment tools, summarize important recent aspirin trials, discuss prevention considerations in atrial fibrillation, and review guidelines for blood pressure categorization, goals, and therapy.

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