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Strategies for Library Mergers & Centralizing Library Services


hospital mergers; medical libraries


Abstract: More hospitals are merging or looking for ways to cut costs. Libraries need know how to respond as a result and/or look for way to centralize services.

Format: This session will have brief presentations followed by panel discussion and interactive question and answer

Sponsors: Hospital Library Section, NAHRS

Objectives: This session will provide success stories and lessons learned from librarians who have gone through library centralization or library integration following hospital mergers. Presentations will cover needs assessment/SWOT analysis, licensing, budgeting, technical challenges, staff, solo perspective, and other considerations.

Audience: Hospital librarians looking to centralize services or who have recently merged or will be impacted by a merger in the future.

Learning Objectives:

1) Discuss the benefits of a needs assessment/SWOT analysis when merging

2) List some of the considerations involved in unifying services

3) Study the licensing and budgeting issues faced by merging

4) Recognize technical issues involved in a merger

5) Describe staffing challenges

6) Discuss challenges faced by solos

Instructional Methods: presentations, slides, question/answer, and panel discussion

Participant Engagement: Presenters will actively solicit questions from audience for immediate answer and provide template materials that can be customized for their institution.


Library Science