Personalized Nutrition: Translating the Science of NutriGenomics Into Practice: Proceedings From the 2018 American College of Nutrition Meeting.

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Journal of the American College of Nutrition


Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline; Personalized nutrition; autoimmune diseases; gene–diet interactions; gut microbiome; metabolic diseases; next generation sequencing; nutritional genomics; overt inflammation and chronic diseases; pharmacogenomics; single nucleotide polymorphism; wellness and genomics


Adverse reactions to foods and adverse drug reactions are inherent in product defects, medication errors, and differences in individual drug exposure. Pharmacogenetics is the study of genetic causes of individual variations in drug response and pharmacogenomics more broadly involves genome-wide analysis of the genetic determinants of drug efficacy and toxicity. The similarity of nutritional genomics and pharmacogenomics stems from the innate goal to identify genetic variants associated with metabolism and disease. Thus, nutrigenomics can be thought of as encompassing gene-diet interactions involving diverse compounds that are present in even the simplest foods. The advances in the knowledge base of the complex interactions among genotype, diet, lifestyle, and environment is the cornerstone that continues to elicit changes in current medical practice to ultimately yield personalized nutrition recommendations for health and risk assessment. This information could be used to understand how foods and dietary supplements uniquely affect the health of individuals and, hence, wellness. The individual's gut microbiota is not only paramount but pivotal in embracing the multiple-functional relationships with complex metabolic mechanisms involved in maintaining cellular homeostasis. The genetic revolution has ushered in an exciting era, one in which many new opportunities are expected for nutrition professionals with expertise in nutritional genomics. The American College of Nutrition's conference focused on "Personalized Nutrition: Translating the Science of NutriGenomics Into Practice" was designed to help to provide the education needed for the professional engagement of providers in the personalized medicine era.


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