Proteomic Analysis of Plasmodium Merosomes: The Link between Liver and Blood Stages in Malaria.

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Journal of proteome research


The pre-erythrocytic liver stage of the malaria parasite, comprising sporozoites and the liver stages into which they develop, remains one of the least understood parts of the lifecycle, in part owing to the low numbers of parasites. Nonetheless, it is recognized as an important target for antimalarial drugs and vaccines. Here we provide the first proteomic analysis of merosomes, which define the final phase of the liver stage and are responsible for initiating the blood stage of infection. We identify a total of 1879 parasite proteins, and a core set of 1188 proteins quantitatively detected in every biological replicate, providing an extensive picture of the protein repertoire of this stage. This unique data set will allow us to explore key questions about the biology of merosomes and hepatic merozoites.


Institute for Systems Biology