Top Ten Tips Palliative Care Clinicians Should Know About Psychosocial and Family Support.

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Journal of palliative medicine


Palliative care (PC) is perhaps the most inherently interdisciplinary specialty within health care. Comprehensive PC is delivered by a core team of physicians, nurses, social workers, spiritual care providers, pharmacists, and others who address the broad range of medical, psychosocial, and spiritual needs of those living with serious illness. While PC clinicians are typically skilled in screening for distress, the best path to follow when patients screen positive for psychosocial distress or exhibit mental health challenges may not always be clear. This article brings together the perspectives of experienced social workers practicing across PC and hospice settings. It seeks to identify opportunities and rationale for the integration of palliative social work (PSW) in the provision of quality, person-centered, family-focused, and culturally congruent care for the seriously ill. Increasing recognition of the impact of social determinants of health highlights the critical importance of including PSW if we are to better understand and ultimately address the broad range of factors that influence people's quality of life.


Palliative Care