Talk to PAPA: A Systematic Review of Patient/Participant (PAPA) Feedback on Interactions With Community Health Workers Using a Depth Analysis Approach.

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The Journal of ambulatory care management


Because of their shared backgrounds, community health workers' (CHWs) care of patients/program participants (PAPAs) is assumed to be acceptable, and often not evaluated empirically. Using PRISMA guidelines, we reviewed 9560 articles from 5 databases, selected 37 articles for full-text review, and developed a 5-dimensional depth analysis (focus, context, meaning, range, and voices) to characterize quality/quantity of PAPA feedback. Depth analyses clarified a spectrum of PAPA responses from extremely positive to ambivalence to outright distrust and frustration with perceived CHW limitations. Designing evaluations with 5-dimensional depth analysis can enhance PAPA feedback quality and improve evidence-based, patient-centered, CHW care delivery.


Population Health