PSBJ Straight Talk: Health care CEOs on Seattle's response to COVID-19

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Puget Sound Business Journal




The Puget Sound region was the first in the country to be struck by the coronavirus, putting our hospital systems in the spotlight almost immediately. While doctors and nurses moved quickly to isolate sick patients, hospital leadership was forced to make difficult decisions, limiting visitors and canceling elective surgeries. Through it all, this region's health care systems have worked closely with business leaders in other industries on some unique partnerships, forming new relationships and developing new systems that could change the way the health care industry functions for years to come. In this series of virtual fireside chats hear from CEOs as they talk about the challenges they faced in the early days of the virus, what they've learned through this process, where they expect the pandemic to go from here and how this will change how hospitals and clinics provide care in the years to come.


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