The Impact of Aliviado Dementia Care-Hospice Edition Training Program on Hospice Staff's Dementia Symptom Knowledge.

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Journal of pain and symptom management


CONTEXT: As the aging population grows, the incidence of dementia continues to increase substantially. However, the lack of a significant geriatric healthcare workforce as well as little dementia training amongst generalist healthcare workers leads to sub-optimal care for persons living with dementia (PLWD). In particular, few evidence-based interventions exist to improve the quality of dementia care amongst hospice interdisciplinary teams (IDT) caring for PLWD. Aliviado Dementia Care-Hospice Edition is a quality assurance and performance improvement program that includes training, mentoring and workflow enhancements, that aims to improve quality of hospice care provided to PLWD and their caregivers.

OBJECTIVES: To determine the effectiveness of the Aliviado Dementia Care program in increasing dementia symptom knowledge of hospice IDT members.

METHODS: 53 hospice team members from two diverse hospices, consisting of social workers, chaplains, physicians and nurses participated in the Aliviado training program. In this pre-post trial, 39 participants completed the Dementia Symptom Knowledge Assessment prior to and after completion of the program.

RESULTS: Paired t-tests showed significant differences pre and post Aliviado training in depression knowledge and confidence, as well as behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD) knowledge, confidence, and interventions. The greatest percent change increases were in depression (15.2%) and BPSD (13.3%) confidence as well as BPSD interventions (18.4%). Qualitative feedback consistently emphasized that trainees could now effectively assess their patients for specific symptoms such as pain and agitation.

CONCLUSION: Aliviado is an evidence-based system-level intervention that improves clinical knowledge, attitudes and confidence in treating PLWD enrolled in hospice.




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