Webinar: Palliative Care Social Work and Chaplaincy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Supportive Care Coalition




The Catholic Health Association and the Supportive Care Coalition co-hosted this 90 minute webinar for palliative care teams being impacted by COVID-19.

Palliative Care social workers and chaplains are skilled at providing a contained and supportive presence to patients and their loved ones. How can this compassionate care be extended to vulnerable and isolated patients when in-person contact is restricted? How might social workers and chaplains mitigate the additional stress incurred by families who cannot be physically present with their loved ones as they navigate a serious hospitalization or near end of life? How can they prepare families for the ways that this physical separation will impact and complicate grief? How can they offer support to other medical staff who are also impacted by the isolation of their patients? These questions and more will be addressed in this interactive, discussion led webinar.

Learning Objectives

  1. Explore best practices to advocate for patient and family centered care in the midst of pandemic-related visitor restrictions and patient isolation.

  2. Employ best practices to mitigate the negative effects of pandemic related stressors for patients, staff, and oneself.

  3. Recognize indicators of complicated grief and prepare for increased grief and bereavement related needs in the coming months.


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