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MLA 2020


Background: Changes to our hospital’s performance review process required Clinical Nurse IIIs and IVs to complete an annual Evidence Based Practice (EBP) or Quality Improvement (QI) project in order to maintain or advance their status on the Clinical Ladder. Nurse Researcher met with Clinical Nurse IIs, IIIs and IVs to review the requirements and held Proposal Writing sessions to prepare nurses. All attendees were referred to Librarian-led literature search classes. Researcher met with nurses individually to discuss projects and sent nurses to consult with Librarian. As a result, Librarian conducted 50 literature searches in support of the EBP and QI projects.

Description: All projects were to be presented at the hospital’s annual EBP Conference as poster presentations. Librarian sits on Planning Committee and reviewed posters for consistency and clarity based on guidelines provided by the Health System’s Nursing Research Council. Posters were sent to the hospital’s print vendor and returned to the library for storage until the day of conference. Librarian worked with the Health System’s Digital Assets Librarian to have conference website created within the organization’s Digital Commons. Conference site was loaded with the agenda, speakers’ presentations and a pdf copy of each poster. Attendees were encouraged to print materials ahead of time and review their colleagues’ work. Conference site on Digital Commons will remain in perpetuity and serves as internal and external dissemination of new nursing knowledge as a required component of the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Magnet Recognition Program.

Conclusion: Building relationships with Nursing Leadership, Nurse Researcher and staff nurses allows for greater collaboration between clinical and library staff. Offering services that may have been traditionally out of the Librarian’s scope can serve to position oneself as an integral part of the team. Networking across the organization and highlighting the varied skill set a Librarian can provide proves to be a value added service.


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