A randomized controlled trial: does coaching using video during direct laryngoscopy improve residents' success in neonatal intubations?

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Journal of perinatology : official journal of the California Perinatal Association


OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the intubation success rates of residents who receive coaching from supervisors concurrently viewing infants' airways via video during direct laryngoscopy (VDL), as compared with coaching during traditional direct laryngoscopy without video (TDL).

STUDY DESIGN: In a randomized controlled trial, 48 first and second-year residents performed neonatal intubations using VDL or TDL. The primary outcome was intubation success rates. Data were analyzed using the Pearson X

RESULTS: The overall intubation success rate was greater in the VDL vs. TDL group (57% vs. 33%, P < 0.05). First-year residents and residents intubating their first patient had higher intubation success rates in the VDL vs. TDL group (58% vs. 23% and 50% vs. 17%, respectively, P < 0.05).

CONCLUSIONS: Resident coaching using VDL improved neonatal intubation success rates. Incorporating VDL as a coaching tool can optimize the quality of training during limited opportunities to achieve procedural competency and improve intubation-related patient outcomes.

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