Nurse Leaders' Assumptions and Attitudes Toward Residency Programs for New Graduate Nurses.

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Nursing administration quarterly


The Future of Nursing Report from 2010 offered key recommendations for the practice of nursing, including the need for nurse residency programs for all new graduate nurses. Although numerous articles can be found about the programs themselves, finding information about the support of nurse leaders for such programs is more challenging. In the spring of 2019, a small group of invited nurse leaders from across the United States met during a "Think Tank." The purpose of this gathering was to discuss a policy brief offered by the American Academy of Nursing requiring all new graduate registered nurses to participate in a nurse residency program as part of their transition into practice. To determine nurse leaders' assumptions and attitudes toward nurse residency programs, the think tank planners conducted a national survey. Over 500 members of the American Organization for Nursing Leadership participated in this survey. In this article, the authors offer that nurse leaders are supportive of residency programs for new graduate nurses although some are still struggling with demonstrating the value proposition. In addition, nurse leaders are not in support of a national mandate.




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