Four Years Later: Examining Nurse Perceptions of Electronic Documentation Over Time.

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The Journal of nursing administration


Attitude to Computers; Documentation; Electronic Health Records; Humans; Nurses; Perception; Surveys and Questionnaires


OBJECTIVE: To examine changes in registered nurse (RN) perceptions of electronic documentation over a 4-year period.

BACKGROUND: The investigators previously reported differences in RN perceptions prior to and 1 year after adoption of a comprehensive electronic health record (EHR).

METHODS: Investigators repeated the study 4 years after adoption, using the Nurses' Perceptions of Electronic Documentation tool and interviews with a subset of RNs.

RESULTS: Nurses scored higher on ease of use domain and lower on concern about the EHR domain and showed no difference on the impacts of the EHR domain. Interviews revealed that 4 years later, some aspects of documentation were easier; the tool was comprehensive, but not without risk, and nurses remained ambivalent about the EHR.

CONCLUSIONS: Use of EHR technology impacts nursing work. It is important to understand how nurses' perceptions change over time. This study gives nursing leaders insight into adoption and acceptance of an EHR.