Showcasing Your Cardiothoracic Training Program in the Virtual Era.

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The Annals of thoracic surgery


2019-nCoV; washington; seattle; swedish


As part of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, cardiothoracic training programs quickly transitioned mid-interview season towards a virtual format. This monumental and rapid undertaking led to the adoption of novel virtual interviewing techniques, many of which have actually been developed and partially rolled out by other specialties for years. The COVID-19 pandemic is still here, and it is unclear when the end will be in sight. However, most, if not all, of the novel interview techniques that were rapidly adopted by cardiothoracic training programs during the 2020 interview season will continue to be relevant even after the pandemic and need for social distancing subsides. In this literature review, we highlight techniques that can be used by cardiothoracic training programs to virtually showcase their attributes and strengths, in order to give applicants as realistic of a view of the program as possible. Such efforts include developing and emphasizing a social media presence, expanding information within training program websites, broadcasting virtual educational content, and creating virtual tours. In addition, we will review approaches towards structuring a virtual interview day in order to provide candidates with a deeper glimpse into the inner workings of the program. We can use this opportunity provided by the pandemic to develop innovative methods of conducting fellowship interviews that may persist long into the future, as we consider limitations historically caused by finances, scheduling, clinical responsibilities, and family needs.

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