THP1 proteomics in response to mycobacterium tuberculosis infection

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washington; seattle; ISB; Mass spectrometry; Mycobacterium tuberculosis; Proteomics; THP1; Temporal


Temporal data on how the mycobacterium infection establishes itself inside the host cell is not available. We differentiated human THP1 cell line with PMA and infected them with different laboratory (H37Ra and H37Rv) and clinical strains (BND433 and JAL2287) of mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb). Uninfected differentiated THP1 cells were used as infection control. Host proteome was investigated at four different time points to understand the dynamics of host response to mycobacterial infection with time. The investigated time points included 6 hrs, 18 hrs, 30 hrs and 42 hrs of infection with all the Mtb strains. SWATH-MS method was used to quantitate the host proteome in response to Mtb infection and the data thus obtained are available via PRIDE repository with the dataset identifier PXD022352 (


Institute for Systems Biology