COVID-19 and the CV service line: practical approaches for an unprecedented pandemic—Part 1

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Join us for a roundtable discussion as CV clinical and administrative leaders share their experiences and thoughts on how to best manage the COVID-19 pandemic.

Key Topics of Discussion (subject to change given the developing situation):

1. Situational Update: Worldwide and in the U.S. (The Singapore/Taiwan experience; Lessons learned from the Northern Italy experience; Washington State experience: How UW and local civic/business communities are approaching COVID-19)
2. Virtual Health Strategies (What you can implement immediately; What you could implement in 1-2 weeks)
3. Care of the Inpatient (Confirmed & suspected cases; Prioritizing care for the health needs of non-COVID patients; Managing Type 1 & 2, Myocarditis triage, with implications for cath lab management, including downshifting from PCI to lytics in isolation for systems reaching capacity limits)
4. Operational thoughts (Screening best practices; Program impact: rehab, elective procedures, etc.; Use of communication and telehealth codes (Telehealth update from CMS and private payors; Symptomatic testing vs. community testing; Resource rationalization – ventilators, physicians, staff; Impact on compensation)
5. How to support and protect your CV caregivers (Triaging approaches; PPE musts; Staffing challenges to anticipate)

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