How to Conduct a High Quality, Interactive Virtual Meeting:: Learnings From Virtual Magnet® Site Visits

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Nurse Leader


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Virtual meetings are now a core construct of how business operations are conducted during the coronavirus pandemic. There has been a sharp increase in the use of video and interactive meetings to assure business continuity while maintaining the community's safety and workforce. Additionally, technology has given rise to businesses re-evaluating how outcomes can be reached today and in the future. Our ability to conduct high quality, interactive virtual meetings is essential. Virtual meetings offer many advantages, such as decreasing travel costs, and expand the definition of reaching a more diverse audience while incorporating technology to stay connected. The benefits extend to meetings beyond the organizations' confines where care occurs, to professional events, conferences, regulatory visits, and other virtual meetings. In response to the novel coronavirus, the American Nurse Credentialing Center now uses this technology to meet the site visit requirement to achieve Magnet designation. This article discusses how to conduct effective virtual meetings, how organizations can best prepare for a Magnet® virtual site visit, and the critical lessons learned to assist nurse leaders in conducting effective Magnet virtual site visits.