Proceedings of the 2019 Santa Fe Bone Symposium: New Concepts in the Care of Osteoporosis and Rare Bone Diseases.

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Journal of clinical densitometry : the official journal of the International Society for Clinical Densitometry


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The 20th annual Santa Fe Bone Symposium was held August 9-10, 2019, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. This is an annual meeting devoted to clinical applications of recent advances in skeletal research that impact the care of patients with osteoporosis, metabolic bone diseases, and inherited bone diseases. Participants included practicing and academic physicians, fellows, advanced practice providers, fracture liaison service (FLS) coordinators, clinical researchers, and bone density technologists. The symposium consisted of lectures, case presentations, and panel discussions, with an emphasis on learning through interaction of all attendees. Topics included new approaches in the use of anabolic agents for the treatment osteoporosis, a review of important events in skeletal health over the past year, new and emerging treatments for rare bone diseases, the use of genetic testing for bone diseases in clinical practice, medication-associated causes of osteoporosis, new concepts in the use of estrogen therapy for osteoporosis, new Official Positions of the International Society for Clinical Densitometry, skeletal consequences of bariatric surgery, and update on the progress and potential of Bone Health TeleECHO, a virtual community of practice using videoconferencing technology to link healthcare professionals for advancing the care of osteoporosis worldwide. Sessions on rare bone diseases were developed in collaboration with the Rare Bone Disease Alliance. Symposium premeetings included an FLS workshop by the National Osteoporosis Foundation and others devoted to the use of new therapeutic agents for the care of osteoporosis and related disorders.