Students' perceptions of a new transitions of care elective course in the pharmacy curriculum.

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Curr Pharm Teach Learn


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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: The purpose of the new transitions of care (TOC) elective to the pharmacy curriculum is to train pharmacy students to address TOC medication-related problems, assess students' knowledge and perceptions of the TOC pharmacist's role, and explore the impact on interest in post-graduate career planning.

EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITY AND SETTING: Third-year pharmacy students were enrolled in the two-credit TOC elective course. The course was designed to include relevant TOC concepts and application of the Pharmacists' Patient Care Process. The pre- and post-assessment surveys were distributed at the beginning and end of the course by a staff administrator to eliminate survey bias. Students were asked to anonymously respond to nine survey questions using a five-point Likert scale (strongly disagree = 1, strongly agree = 5).

FINDINGS: Ninety-two percent (n = 23) of the pharmacy students responded to the pre- and post-assessment surveys, and results were subsequently analyzed. Statistically significant responses existed to eight of nine questions regarding students' perceptions of increased knowledge of the TOC concepts and pharmacists' role, communication skills, confidence in providing comprehensive patient care, and interest in recommending the TOC elective course to their peers. There was interest in pursuing additional training opportunities, such as post-graduate residency or fellowship training, but the survey item was not statistically significant.

SUMMARY: The TOC elective course provides an opportunity for pharmacy students to learn about the TOC pharmacist's role, improve knowledge on the TOC patient care process, develop practical skills, and engage with clinical pharmacists.