Strategies to Improve the Quality of Team-Based Care for Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome.

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Hosp Pediatr


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BACKGROUND: Prioritizing nonpharmacologic care for neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) requires a team-based care (TBC) approach to facilitate staff and family engagement. We aimed to identify the important structures and processes of care for TBC of infants with NAS and quality of care outcomes that are meaningful to care team members (including parents).

METHODS: Using a Donabedian framework, we conducted semistructured interviews from May to October 2019 with care team members at 3 community hospitals, including parents, nurses, social workers, physicians, lactation nurses, child protective services, volunteers, and hospital administrators. We used thematic analysis to identify important structures, processes of care, and outcomes.

RESULTS: We interviewed 45 interprofessional care team members: 35 providers and 10 parents. Structures critical to providing TBC included (1) building a comprehensive network of interprofessional team members and (2) creating an NAS specialized unit. Necessary processes of care included (1) prioritizing early involvement of interprofessional team members, (2) emphasizing nonjudgmental incorporation of previous experience with addiction, (3) establishing clear roles and expectations, and (4) maintaining transparency with social services. Lastly, we identified 9 outcomes resulting from these identified structures and processes that are meaningful to care team members to assess the quality of care for infants with NAS.

CONCLUSIONS: In this study, we identify important structures, processes of care, and meaningful outcomes to enhance and evaluate TBC for infants with NAS. Hospitals that adopt and implement these structures and processes have the potential to improve the quality of care for infants, caregivers, and providers who care for these infants.

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