Effectiveness of 6-Month Use of Secukinumab in Patients With Psoriatic Arthritis in the CorEvitas Psoriatic Arthritis/Spondyloarthritis Registry.

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The Journal of rheumatology


washington; swedish; seattle


OBJECTIVE: To evaluate clinical and patient-reported outcomes (PROs) at 6 months after secukinumab initiation in US patients with psoriatic arthritis (PsA).

METHODS: Patients with PsA in the CorEvitas Psoriatic Arthritis/Spondyloarthritis Registry who initiated secukinumab between April 1, 2017, and December 2, 2019, and maintained secukinumab at their 6-month follow-up visit were included. Achievement of minimal disease activity (MDA) among patients not in MDA at initiation; resolution (ie, no evidence) of tender and swollen joint counts, enthesitis, and dactylitis among patients with ≥1 of these at initiation; and change in disease activity and PROs were evaluated at 6 months in all patients and in patients who received secukinumab as a first-line biologic.

RESULTS: Of 100 eligible patients included, most (83.0%) were biologic experienced and 17.0% initiated secukinumab as a first-line biologic. At initiation, 75/90 patients (83.3%) with available data were not in MDA; 26/71 (36.6%) with follow-up data achieved MDA at 6 months. Furthermore, 28/68 patients (41.2%) with ≥1 tender joint, 24/54 (44.4%) with ≥1 swollen joint, 17/28 (60.7%) with enthesitis, and 9/12 (75.0%) with dactylitis at initiation achieved resolution at 6 months. Improvements in clinical manifestations, PRO measures, and work productivity and activity were observed after 6 months among patients with PsA who initiated and maintained secukinumab.

CONCLUSION: In this real-world population, patients with PsA who received and maintained secukinumab for 6 months achieved MDA in proportions consistent with clinical trials and demonstrated improvements in clinical manifestations and PROs.

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