CT502 - Preliminary immunological monitoring of first-in-human immunotherapy-trio for advanced head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

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Background: Preclinical studies document that complex cancer vaccines, combined with T cell agonists and anti-PD-1, can augment therapeutic efficacy. Here we report preliminary immunological analyses of patients enrolled in a first-in-human immunotherapy-trio study of multivalent autophagosome vaccine (DPV-001), with sequenced checkpoint inhibition (anti-PD-1; retifanlimab), with/without anti-GITR agonist (INCAGN-1949), in recurrent or metastatic HNSCC (NCT04470024).
Methods: Peripheral blood (PB) and sera are collected regularly and PB are evaluated by flow cytometry. Biopsies obtained at baseline, D15 and D45 are analyzed by multiplex IF and 10x Genomics scRNA-Seq. Sera are being analyzed by phage immunoprecipitation (PhIP) sequencing for reactivity against the human proteome.
Results: Preliminary results document increases in activated CD4 and CD8 effector memory T cells (TEM) with vaccine alone. Changes in tumor microenvironment (TEM) were also observed with increased infiltration of immune cells. Evaluation of changes to humoral immunity, T cell function and TCR analyses are ongoing.
Conclusions: We previously reported immunological monitoring of a phase I/II trial of an autophagosome cancer vaccine (DPV-001) containing more than 300 shared cancer antigens, as adjuvant therapy for NSCLC. Vaccination induced or augmented immune responses to more than 50 cancer antigens shared with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC). Preclinical studies combining this cancer vaccine with αGITR agonist and αPD-1 augmented therapeutic efficacy [PMID: 31747946], and provided the rationale for the current study. This is the first clinical trial to perform such a study with αGITR agonist (INCAGN-1949), in humans.
Support: Incyte, Providence Medical Foundation, The Harder Family, Nancy Lematta.

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Rom S. Leidner, Matthew H. Taylor, Tarsem L. Moudgil, Tanisha L. Christie, Yoshinobu Koguchi, Alexa Dowdell, William L. Redmond, Shawn M. Jensen, Carmen Ballesteros-Merino, Jake A. Vancampen, Venkatesh Rajamanickam, Brady M. Bernard, Christopher Paustian, Traci L. Hilton, Hong-Ming Hu, Richard B. Bell, Walter J. Urba, Carlo B. Bifulco, Brian Piening, Bernard A. Fox. Earle A. Chiles Research Institute, Providence Cancer Institute, Portland, OR, UbiVac, Portland, OR, Hrain, Shanghai, China