Delivery Outcomes, Emergency Room Visits, and Psychological Aspects of Gestational Diabetes: Results From a Community Hospital Multiethnic Cohort.

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The Diabetes educator




Purpose The purpose of this study was to evaluate perinatal outcomes and experiences of managing gestational diabetes (GDM) in a multiethnic cohort from a community hospital. Methods A retrospective cohort study of 647 ethnically diverse women with GDM was conducted. Multivariable logistic regression models were used to examine ethnic differences in cesarean delivery rates and emergency department (ED) utilization during pregnancy. Semi-structured interviews were conducted to evaluate experiences of GDM and perceptions of type 2 diabetes risk. Results Significant differences were observed between sample groups in mother's age ( P = .004), education level ( P < .001), family history of diabetes ( P < .001), and baby birthweight ( P = .004). In the fully adjusted model, controlling for maternal age, BMI category, ED utilization during pregnancy, and family history of diabetes, Southeast and East Asian women had the lowest rates of cesarean delivery and ED utilization during pregnancy, with significantly higher rates of cesarean delivery in Hispanic, non-Hispanic white, and Asian Indian women ( P < .001). There was preliminary evidence for higher ED utilization rates during pregnancy in Hispanic women with GDM (odds ratio = 3.21; 95% CI, 0.79-4.08; P = .005). Interview analyses reflected strong psychological impact of GDM diagnoses. Women expressed shock and disappointment over diagnoses and highlighted need for psychological support from health care professionals. Risk perceptions for type 2 diabetes were low. Conclusions Findings support significant ethnic differences in cesarean delivery and ED utilization among women with GDM. Qualitative analysis suggests that culturally sensitive approaches informing psychosocial support and dietary recommendations are important considerations for a diverse GDM patient population.

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