Peer Review Validation: A Helpful Process for Tracking Scholarly Activity

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After successful and ongoing use of Providence Digital Commons as a system-wide research repository, an ask from research administrators determined a new repository goal: tracking peer reviewed publications. In early 2021, administrators in our system research department requested a way to track existing and future peer reviewed publications captured on our institutional repository. Library staff formulated a plan to run reports collecting publications on the repository, cross-comparing titles against databases and searching publisher sites to confirm peer review status. Library staff organized information into cumulative and monthly reporting documents. Gathering information about peer reviewed versus non-peer reviewed publications took substantial staff time to complete. After the initial list was completed, it was unveiled to research administration and well-received as a form of tracking and validating scholarly output on the repository. While this project is live, it remains in its early stages. In the future, library staff hopes to refine the work flow it created.


Library Science

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