Improved Analysis of Cross-Linking Mass Spectrometry Data with Kojak 2.0, Advanced by Integration into the Trans-Proteomic Pipeline.

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Journal of proteome research


washington; isb; genomics


Fragmentation ion spectral analysis of chemically cross-linked proteins is an established technology in the proteomics research repertoire for determining protein interactions, spatial orientation, and structure. Here we present Kojak version 2.0, a major update to the original Kojak algorithm, which was developed to identify cross-linked peptides from fragment ion spectra using a database search approach. A substantially improved algorithm with updated scoring metrics, support for cleavable cross-linkers, and identification of cross-links between 15N-labeled homomultimers are among the newest features of Kojak 2.0 presented here. Kojak 2.0 is now integrated into the Trans-Proteomic Pipeline, enabling access to dozens of additional tools within that suite. In particular, the PeptideProphet and iProphet tools for validation of cross-links improve the sensitivity and accuracy of correct cross-link identifications at user-defined thresholds. These new features improve the versatility of the algorithm, enabling its use in a wider range of experimental designs and analysis pipelines. Kojak 2.0 remains open-source and multiplatform.


Institute for Systems Biology