Proteomics Standards Initiative at Twenty Years: Current Activities and Future Work.

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Journal of proteome research


washington; isb; genomics


The Human Proteome Organization (HUPO) Proteomics Standards Initiative (PSI) has been successfully developing guidelines, data formats, and controlled vocabularies (CVs) for the proteomics community and other fields supported by mass spectrometry since its inception 20 years ago. Here we describe the general operation of the PSI, including its leadership, working groups, yearly workshops, and the document process by which proposals are thoroughly and publicly reviewed in order to be ratified as PSI standards. We briefly describe the current state of the many existing PSI standards, some of which remain the same as when originally developed, some of which have undergone subsequent revisions, and some of which have become obsolete. Then the set of proposals currently being developed are described, with an open call to the community for participation in the forging of the next generation of standards. Finally, we describe some synergies and collaborations with other organizations and look to the future in how the PSI will continue to promote the open sharing of data and thus accelerate the progress of the field of proteomics.


Institute for Systems Biology