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MLA/SLA 2023


oregon; montana


Background: When essential work-flow functionalities were sunsetting in an existing Researcher Profile platform, a large multi-state US health system Library looked for alternatives and decided to transition to a different platform with automatic upload capabilities and a more intuitive user interface. Due to the size and complexity of the health system enterprise, varied branding and naming conventions, and competing stakeholder needs, the Library faced challenges in planning, migrating, and implementation that may be unique in contrast to a traditional academic or stand-alone research center environment.

Description: Due to the increased cost of the new platform, the Library needed to find a funding partner and secure buy-in from stakeholder leadership.

The Digital Asset Librarian and the Library Director reached out to Research leadership explaining the need for a replacement product and proposing a possible vendor solution. A representative from the Research department joined the project team and planning and negotiations quickly began in earnest.

The team identified shared goals and where needs and priorities differed between the two teams. Careful evaluation of the product was carried out, and when it was determined the best-fit solution the team secured funding approval from leadership, initiated contract negotiations and an agreement eventually signed.

Currently in the implementation phase, focus has been on building out the product in a way that meets the unique needs of complex health system, creating an original organizational architecture and taxonomy, and identifying researchers for inclusion in the profile platform. Challenges have arisen around technology requirements, consensus building amongst multiple stakeholders, and slow approval processes.


The contracting and implementation processes slow due to the shared nature of the project between two departments and approval channels. However it resulted in broader buy-in and positive relationship-building between the two teams. Both groups are eager to pivot practices to release the new platform.

The new researcher profile platform will be launched in Q2 of 2023 with a focus on prioritizing prolific and widely renowned authors in order to create the most dynamic and engaging launch possible. The primary goal of the Library is to find a replacement platform that allowed for the creation of researcher profiles with semi-automated scholarly record population. The primary goal of the Research department is to give internal and external researchers a way search, discover and connect to Providence researchers. We anticipate that the launch will meet those objectives, and post-launch will focus on identifying ways to streamline workflow and promote internal engagement with the product.


Library Science