Life-threatening perioperative complications among older adults with spinal metastases: An analysis based on a nationwide inpatient sample of the US.

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J Geriatr Oncol


washington; Aged, 80 and over; Humans; Male; United States; Aged; Spinal Neoplasms; Inpatients; Hospitalization; Comorbidity; Risk Factors; Postoperative Complications; Retrospective Studies


INTRODUCTION: We aimed to investigate the prognostic determinants of life-threatening and fatal complications in patients≥ 20 years of age and those ≥80 years who were undergoing surgery for spinal metastases.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: Based on data between 2005 and 2018 extracted from National Inpatient Sample as the largest longitudinal hospital inpatient databases in the United States, statistical analyses were performed to identify prognostic factors (age, sex, household income, insurance status, major comorbidities, primary site of malignancy, types of surgery, surgical approaches, types of hospital admission, and hospital-related characteristics) for major and fatal perioperative complications among older adult patients.

RESULTS: A total of 31,925 patients aged ≥ 20y who were undergoing surgery for spinal metastasis were identified (< 80 y: n = 28,448; ≥ 80 y: n = 35,37). After adjustment, age ≥80 y was significantly associated with greater risk of perioperative cardiac arrest (adjusted odds ratio [aOR]: 1.34, 95% confidence interval [CI]: 1.03-1.73) and acute kidney injury (AKI) (aOR: 1.23, 95% CI: 1.07-1.41) but lower risk of venous thromboembolic event (VTE) (aOR: 0.80, 95% CI: 0.66-0.96) than

DISCUSSION: This study identifies a list of independent risk factors for the presence of life-threatening complications among patients≥ 80y who were undergoing surgery for spinal metastasis. The findings contribute to the development of clinical strategies for the surgical management of spinal metastasis, especially for octogenarians, and lower the risk of unfavorable inpatient outcomes.

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