Predictors of Art and PrEP Adherence and Medication-Taking Practices and Preferences to Inform Development of a Wrist-Worn Adherence System.

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adherence; antiretroviral therapy; pre-exposure prophylaxis


We examined adherence, medication-taking practices, and preferences to inform development of a wrist-worn adherence system. Two convenience samples of persons taking antiretroviral therapy and HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis completed a survey. Additional online questions asked about willingness to use a wrist-worn device and reminder and feedback preferences. Among 225 participants, 13% reported adherence < 90%; this was associated with younger age and clinic sample. Compared to pill bottle-using participants, mediset users less commonly reported adherence < 90% (aOR = 0.16, p = .02), and blister pack users (aOR = 6.3, p = .02) and pill roll users (aOR = 3.3, p = .04) more commonly reported adherence < 90%. Sixty-two percent of the online participants reporting adherence (< 100%) had some interest in receiving adherence reminders, including 42% with interest in receiving reminders by smartwatch notifications. Although confounders are likely, formative work identified potential users and interest in using a wrist-worn adherence system. Future work will determine its acceptability and efficacy.


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