Preparing Hematology/Oncology Fellows for Success: Implementing an Annual Career Development and Research Retreat.

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Journal of cancer education : the official journal of the American Association for Cancer Education


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Multiple factors, including job satisfaction, personality traits, and training experiences, influence the career trajectory of hematology/oncology fellows. In an effort to expose hematology/oncology fellows to (1) the various careers in oncology, (2) a diverse group of speakers for future mentorship, and (3) research opportunities, and grant writing experience, we established an annual career development and research retreat. During the retreat, we engaged speakers who covered a range of career trajectories, including academic, private practice, industry, government, and administrative paths. We introduced clinicians and researchers with a track record of providing top-notch mentorship to fellows with aligning interests and detailed research opportunities and grant writing. The sessions were led by senior fellows, and we adopted an in-person and virtual hybrid model to allow speakers from various institutions to participate. Feedback from participants, as gathered through surveys, indicated positive responses: all respondents reported that this retreat was "extremely" or "very helpful," and a majority expressed their intent to pursue academic careers. The curriculum and structure of this retreat may help to inform the development of fellowship career development and research retreats at other institutions.

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