Non-Mass Spectrometric Targeted Single-Cell Metabolomics.

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Trends Analyt Chem


washington; isb


Metabolic assays serve as pivotal tools in biomedical research, offering keen insights into cellular physiological and pathological states. While mass spectrometry (MS)-based metabolomics remains the gold standard for comprehensive, multiplexed analyses of cellular metabolites, innovative technologies are now emerging for the targeted, quantitative scrutiny of metabolites and metabolic pathways at the single-cell level. In this review, we elucidate an array of these advanced methodologies, spanning synthetic and surface chemistry techniques, imaging-based methods, and electrochemical approaches. We summarize the rationale, design principles, and practical applications for each method, and underscore the synergistic benefits of integrating single-cell metabolomics (scMet) with other single-cell omics technologies. Concluding, we identify prevailing challenges in the targeted scMet arena and offer a forward-looking commentary on future avenues and opportunities in this rapidly evolving field.


Institute for Systems Biology