Reporting Fewer Than Four Vertebrae: 2023 Official Positions of the International Society for Clinical Densitometry.

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Journal of clinical densitometry : the official journal of the International Society for Clinical Densitometry


Bone mineral density; DXA; Degenerative changes; Least significant changes; Official positions; Reporting; Vertebrae.; washington; swedish


The precision for spine bone mineral density (BMD) worsens as vertebrae are excluded, so recommendations are needed for least significant change (LSC) for spine BMDs based on fewer than 4 vertebrae. The task force recommends re-analysis of each facility's L1-L4 in-house precision study to determine the precision in order to calculate the LSC for each combination of 2 or 3 reported vertebrae. The task force recommended not reporting spine BMDs based on single vertebral bodies for either the diagnosis or monitoring of osteoporosis. Specific data for studies assessing the precision of two non-contiguous vertebrae are mixed, but ultimately the task force recommended that spine BMD based on 2 non-contiguous vertebrae can be used for the diagnosis and monitoring of osteoporosis.

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