The Impact of Moral Injury on Self-reported Work Performance in Hospital Nurses Following the Global Pandemic Surge.

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The Journal of nursing administration


california; irvine; washington; spokane; covid-19


OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to determine relationships between moral injury (MI) and self-reported nurse work performance (NWP) among hospital nurses after the COVID-19 pandemic surges.

BACKGROUND: Previously studied in the military, nurse MI became evident due to the pandemic. No previous studies have examined the impact of MI on NWP. Few studies have attended to how MI in nurses can be addressed by nursing leadership.

METHODS: A convenience sample of 191 nurses from 7 hospitals in Southern California participated in a multisite correlational survey-design study.

RESULTS: Significant levels of MI occurred in 57% (n = 114) of participants. Increased levels of MI were a significant predictor of decreased levels of self-reported NWP. Younger and less experienced nurses reported greater levels of MI.

CONCLUSIONS: This study relates MI in nurses to NWP. There is a need for further research to assist nursing administrators in ameliorating MI in nurses and in preparing for the impact of MI on the nursing workforce in future emergent situations.

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