Exploring Increase in Nurse Retention with the Utilization of Conflict Management Strategies

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DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY CONFLICT MANAGEMENT At Trinity College of the Bible and Trinity Theological Seminary


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Doyle D. Patterson Trinity College of the Bible and Trinity Theological Seminary

Chair: Dr. Daphne Washington

Keywords: nursing shortage, nurse turnover, nurse retention, conflict management, disruptive behavior.

Nursing shortages in the United States is not a new phenomenon. For over a century and a half, at any given time, public and private hospitals have dealt with the increases and decreases of shortages of nurses. The causes provided are varied from low compensation packages to poor working conditions to thousands of nurses joining the military during two world wars. However, another key cause identified has been disrespectful and disruptive behaviors by physicians displaying attitudes of superiority and elitism. A primary component in nursing shortages is decreased nurse retention and increased nurse turnover. An analysis of conflict management utilization regarding physician disruptive behaviors toward nurses support the theory that sustainable conflict management increases nurse retention, decreasing the nurse shortage in the United States. This research can be used by the necessary healthcare administrators, medical directors, nursing leaders, and medical school and nursing school educators to identify and reinforce the causes for decreasing nurse retention, establishing realistic and sustainable initiatives that will support the nursing profession, developed and supported through appropriate conflict management strategies when and where physicians create demeaning and conflictual situations in the delivery of healthcare by their active and passive disruptive behaviors displayed against nurses. This research spotlights the utilization of conflict management strategies in the healthcare industry pertaining to the nursing turnover as it relates to physician disruptive behaviors toward nurses. The data for this bibliographical dissertation has been procured from the relevant literature pertaining to the specific health care disciplines, conflict management strategies, nursing shortages in the United States, and relevant nursing shortage projections. Relevant and scholarly reliable research databases were explored for pertinent information along with the inclusion of community and university library resources. The research is limited to data pertaining to healthcare in the United States, specifically referring to the nurse workforce in hospitals. There are challenges regarding nurse retention increase. Physician disruptive behaviors toward nurses is one component that is successfully and sustainably affected in a positive manner through the utilization of conflict management approaches. Research evidence supports the theory that sustainable conflict management utilization increases nurse retention, impacting the nursing shortage in the United States.


Biomedical Ethics



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