Five-Year Outcomes from a Prospective Study on the Safety and Efficacy of Phasix-ST Mesh Use at the Hiatus During Paraesophageal Hernia Repair.

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Journal of the American College of Surgeons


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INTRODUCTION: Laparoscopic paraesophageal hernia (PEH) repair has a high hernia recurrence rate. The aim of this study was to assess the 5-year hernia recurrence rate after PEH repair using a combination of bioresorbable mesh and advanced surgical techniques to address tension as needed in a prospective group of patients.

METHODS: In 2016 a prospective database was established for 50 patients undergoing primary, elective PEH repair with a new bioresorbable mesh (Phasix-ST). Intra-operatively, tension was addressed with Collis gastroplasty and / or diaphragm relaxing incisions as needed. All 50 patients from the initial study were tracked and asked to return for objective follow-up. Recurrence was considered present for any hernia > 2 cm in size.

RESULTS: Objective follow-up was obtained in 27 of the original 50 patients (54%) at a median of 5.25 years after their PEH repair. Prior to the 5-year follow-up, 5 patients had a known recurrent hernia. Objective evaluation at 5 years identified an additional 3 recurrences, for a total recurrence rate of 25% (8/32 patients). The hernia recurrence rate in patients with a Collis gastroplasty was significantly lower compared to those without a Collis (7% vs 54%, p=0.008). Two patients underwent re-operation for hernia recurrence. No patient had a mesh infection or mesh erosion.

CONCLUSION: The combination of Phasix-ST mesh and tension reducing techniques during PEH repair led to a 25% hernia recurrence rate at 5 years. The addition of a Collis gastroplasty led to significantly fewer hernia recurrences and is indicative of the potential for esophageal shortening in many patients with a PEH. The long-term safety and efficacy of Phasix-ST mesh in combination with surgical technique for PEH repair is confirmed.

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