Climate Change Interventions: Corporate Social Responsibility in the Post-Pandemic Work Environment

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montana; sph; environmental stewardship



Climate change is one of the most pressing environmental/ health challenges the world is currently facing. Nursing, as the world’s most trusted healthcare profession, play a pivotal role in assisting communities with climate change prevention activities, influencing/ contributing within their own organizations, and creating initiatives. At this crucial moment of post-pandemic recovery, nurses can take many steps to address climate change- starting with understanding the basic science of a warming planet and then utilizing the nursing process as a structure to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Given the massive scope of climate change, and the overwhelming task of taking action, this article will address what collective action looks like at the organizational level and provide resources for nurses to continue to make improvements for the next generation of the nursing profession.

Key Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe climate change activities as corporate social responsibilities for individual nurses, nurse managers, and nurse leader.
  2. Describe how nurses can participate in collective actions at the organization level to address climate change.
  3. Identify how the timing of post-pandemic recovery opens a window of opportunity and priority for a climate change focus for the nursing profession.




Environmental Stewardship