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Quality Improvement


Purpose: Transition to a new policy software that would enable staff to quickly as easily locate Swedish policies and provide policy authors with a practical tool to work more efficiently on policy revisions.

Background/Significance: Existing policy software for Swedish had limited search functionality that caused issues with staff not being able to locate policies quickly or easily. This outdated software had been in place from 2007 – 2021 and contained only basic operations that remained unchanged during this time. If staff had difficulty finding policies in the software then there was the potential for either relying on others on the unit for their experience or attempting to locate other outside resources online that may not be evidenced based practices or procedures. For policy authors, the software did not provide any automated notification of when policies were due for review and at times did not outline which stakeholders were required to review revised policies. These two factors impacted the timely review and revision of policies.

Objectives: The goal was to implement the enterprise-wide policy software solution that would provide superior ability to quickly and easily search for policy documents. The new software would include “google-type” search engine, built-in automatic notifications and approval process for revisions and would interface with the electronic medical record. For policy authors, the benefit of the new software included built-in automatic notifications at intervals prior to when their policy was due for revision and the ability to collaborate with others within the software during the revision process.

Implementation Strategies/Design: Worked on a timeline and transition plan for conversion to PolicyStat software that involved moving and reformatting 1500 policy documents and an additional 1700 attachments documents to those policies in a two month time period. It also comprised relocating 3300 forms documents including hundreds of translated documents and patient education documents into a separate new Sharepoint site. In order to facilitate a smooth transition with this change, another Sharepoint site was created that mirrored the familiar policy webpage but instead linked to the new PolicyStat software.

Results and Outcomes: Data on the effect of the transition was obtained using surveys feedback with caregivers who utilize PolicyStat software to determine the type of improvements gained by software implementation – time to search, ease of use and automated efficiency.

Significance: Moving to a new policy software, PolicyStat, potentially offered the benefit of staff being able to quickly and easily find policy documents. This not only saves staff time but also provides access to best practice policies that guide consistent quality patient care. For authors, the software could be both time-saving and streamline the process for policy revision.



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Swedish Learning and Celebration Day 2021-22


Swedish Medical Center, Seattle

Implementation of New Policy Software to Enable Quick Access to Best Practice Resources