Books from 2023

The Brokering of Hope, Katherine Brown-Saltzman


Extremely premature birth bioethical decision-making supported by dialogics and pragmatism., Joseph W Kaempf and Gregory P Moore


Differences in US Regional Healthcare Allocation Guidelines During the COVID-19 Pandemic., Donald R Sullivan, Nandini Sarma, Catherine L Hough, Richard A Mularski, Molly L Osborne, Kevin M. Dirksen, and Robert C Macauley

Submissions from 2022


Ethics Roundtable: "Organ Donation After Cardiac Death" in a Patient with Developmental Delay., Steven J Baumrucker, Matt Stolick, Scott P Boyles, Vladlena Jefferson, Eddy R Smith, and Gregory T Carter


Ethics Roundtable: Advance Directives, Autonomy, and Gastrostomy Placement., Steven J Baumrucker, Gregg VandeKieft, Eddy R Smith, Matt Stolick, Vladlena Jefferson, Scott P Boyles, Kristin L Thatcher, and Rebecca J Leach


For Ethical Fundraising from Patients, Respect them as Partners., Brendan Curti



Finding Meaning in the Everyday Practice of Medicine: Reflections of a Geriatrician and Physician-Ethicist, Marian Hodges

Special Situations That Agonize Us in Caring for the Elderly, Marian Hodges


The Birth of Tragedy? Extremely Premature Births and Shared Decision-Making., Joseph Kaempf and Kevin M. Dirksen


Suffering and divine impassibility., Jonathan Kopel, Franklyn C Babb, William Hasker, Mark Webb, Carmine C Gorga, K J Oommen, Gregory L Brower, and Andrew Coleman

A Doctor's Strange Love or How I Learned to Manage Compassion Fatigue and Love the Hard Conversation, Bob Macauley

Is Advace Care Planning Outdated, Misguided or Redeemable?, Robert Macauley, Sara Kolmes, and Kayla Tabari House


Student perspectives on potential sources of trauma exposure during nursing school., Kala A Mayer, Kate J Linehan, and Natalie K MacMillan


Normothermic Regional Perfusion Requires Careful Ethical Analysis Before Adoption Into Donation After Circulatory Determination of Death., Harry Peled, Sajen Mathews, David Rhodes, and James L Bernat

Submissions from 2021


Data management of sensitive human proteomics data: current practices, recommendations and perspectives for the future., Nuno Bandeira, Eric W Deutsch, Oliver Kohlbacher, Lennart Martens, and Juan Antonio Vizcaíno


Ethics Roundtable: Autonomy and Delusion., Steven J Baumrucker, Hannah Gersch, Heather Holland, Angela Eastridge, Matt Stolick, Gregg VandeKieft, and Eddy R Smith


Ethics Roundtable: The Case of the Surrogate Versus the Living Will., Steven J Baumrucker, Keelin F Roche, Matt Stolick, Scott Boyles, Gregory T Carter, Eddy R Smith, and Angela Eastridge


Breathless., Sarah Carter


Ethical issues and obligations with undocumented immigrants relying on emergency departments for dialysis., Nicholas H Kluesner, Norine McGrath, Nathan G Allen, Monisha Dilip, and Jay Brenner


Balancing risks and benefits of open notes for neonatology., Lily J Lou, Mark F Carr, John D Lantos, Jonathan M Fanaroff, and Mark R Mercurio


Harnessing the Electronic Health Record to Actively Support Providers with Guideline-Directed Telemetry Use., Maya Narayanan, Helene Starks, Eric Tanenbaum, Ellen Robinson, Paul R Sutton, and Anneliese M Schleyer

From AIDS and EBOLA to COVID-19, Molly Osborne

Graphic Medical Education, One ICU Doctor's Use of Comics to Humanize the Medical Experience, Molly Osborne


Ethical Aspects of Artificially Administered Nutrition and Hydration: An ASPEN Position Paper., Denise Baird Schwartz, Albert Barrocas, Maria Giuseppina Annetta, Kathleen Stratton, Carol McGinnis, Gil Hardy, Theodoric Wong, Diego Arenas, Mary Pat Turon-Findley, Rubén Gustavo Kliger, Kelly Green Corkins, Jay Mirtallo, Teruyoshi Amagai, and Peggi Guenter

Submissions from 2020


Webinar: Palliative Care and COVID-19: Implications for Clinical Practice, Part Three, Olumuyiwa Adeboye, Nate Hibner, MC Sullivan, and Gregg VandeKieft


Ethical Framework for Nutrition Support Resource Allocation During Shortages: Lessons From COVID-19., Albert Barrocas, Denise Baird Schwartz, Jeanette M Hasse, David S Seres, and Charles M Mueller


Ethics Support in Responding to COVID-19: A Case Study of Providence St. Joseph Health, Mark F. Carr, Peter J. Cataldo, Andrea Chatburn, Nicholas J. Kockler, Doyle D. Patterson, Karen Pavic-Zabinski, and Kevin M. Dirksen


Can't Hit Pause? On the Constitutive Elements of Responsible Ventilator Management & the Apnea Test., Kevin M. Dirksen and Lilith Judd


Periviability in a Pandemic: Good Ethics Still Considered Essential., Kevin M. Dirksen, Joseph Kaempf, and Nicholas Kockler


Options of Last Resort: Palliative Sedation, Physician Aid in Dying, and Voluntary Cessation of Eating and Drinking., David A Gruenewald and Gregg VandeKieft

Battle Forged: How the Military has Shaped Medicine, Torree McGowan

The Forgotten Denouement, Writing to Finish Doctors Stories, Torree McGowan

Bedless Psychiatry, Rebuilding Behavioral health Service Capacity, Dominic Sisti

Disability, Vulverability, and COVID-19, Dominic Sisti

Submissions from 2019


Witness, Identity and Common Ground in Collaborative Arrangements: A Partner’s Perspective, Mark F. Carr


Commentary: Telehealth holds promise, but human touch still needed, Todd Czartoski

Cultivating the Medical Mind: An Interactive Exploration of Uncertainty, Alexa Miller

Looking with Uncertainty, Inquiries into Visual Art, Alexa Miller


Genetic Counselors' and Genetic Counseling Students' Implicit and Explicit Attitudes toward Homosexuality., Megan L Nathan, Kelly E Ormond, Christopher M Dial, Amber Gamma, and Mitchell R Lunn


Conditional Permission to Not Resuscitate: A Middle Ground for Resuscitation., Richard B Stuart and Stephen Thielke

Cultural Variances in Bioethics: Differing Approaches to Common Clinical Dilemmas, Daniel Tsai

End-of-Life Decisions and Eastern Religious Perspectives: Exploring Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism, Daniel Tsai

Submissions from 2018


Rational Urine Drug Monitoring in Patients Receiving Opioids for Chronic Pain: Consensus Recommendations., Charles E Argoff, Daniel P Alford, Jeffrey Fudin, Jeremy A Adler, Matthew J Bair, Richard C Dart, Roy Gandolfi, Bill H McCarberg, Steven P Stanos, Jeffrey A Gudin, Rosemary C Polomano, and Lynn R Webster


Decision-Making on a Deadline: Tracheostomy, Nutrition, and Autonomy., Steven J Baumrucker, Matt Stolick, Laura Hutchinson, Gregg VandeKieft, Angela Cullop, Ella Farida Meade, and Russell W Adkins


Taking Psychedelics Seriously., Ira Byock


"To Err Is Human" but Disclosure Must be Taught: A Simulation-Based Assessment Study., Ashley C Crimmins, Ambrose H Wong, James W Bonz, Alina Tsyrulnik, Karen Jubanyik, James D Dziura, Kelly L Dodge, and Leigh V Evans


Health zones in Oregon: Exploring an ethical deliberation process in county public health, Kevin M. Dirksen, S.D. Present, P. Mason, and D. Emerick

Improvisation and the Art of Medicine: Adaptable Skills for an Uncertain World, Belinda Fu


An Employer Health Incentive Plan for Advance Care Planning and Goal-Aligned Care., Matthew J Gonzales, Jeff Dobro, Katy Guilfoile, Keegan Fisher, and Ira Byock


Extremely premature birth, informed written consent, and the Greek ideal of sophrosyne., Joseph Kaempf and Kevin Dirksen


Shared decision-making, value pluralism and the zone of parental discretion., Joseph W Kaempf, Nicholas Kockler, and Mark W Tomlinson


Integrating Ethics Services in a Catholic Health System in Oregon, Nicholas Kockler and Kevin M. Dirksen

When the Family has Other Ideas: A Case Discussion of Shared Decision-Making, Mark Kuczewski

Who is My Neighbor in Catholic Health Care? Caring for Undocumented Immigrants in Our Community, Mark Kuczewski


Medical Aid in Dying., David Nowels, Gregg VandeKieft, and Jennifer Moore Ballentine


Erasmus Mundus Master of Bioethics: a case for an effective model for international bioethics education., Jan Piasecki, Kevin Dirksen, and Hamilton Inbadas


Enteral Nutrition and Dementia Integrating Ethics., Denise Baird Schwartz


Protocol and Fidelity Monitoring Plan for Four Supports. A Multicenter Trial of an Intervention to Support Surrogate Decision Makers in Intensive Care Units., Jennifer B Seaman, Robert M Arnold, Praewpannarai Buddadhumaruk, Anne-Marie Shields, Rachel M Gustafson, Kristyn Felman, Wendy Newdick, Rachel SanPedro, Suzanne Mackenzie, Jennifer Q Morse, Chung-Chou H Chang, Mary Beth Happ, Mi-Kyung Song, Jeremy M Kahn, Charles F Reynolds, Derek C Angus, Seth Landefeld, and Douglas B White


Ethical and Practical Ways in Which MOELI (Medical Orders for End-of-Life Intervention) Advance the Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) Program., Richard B Stuart and Stephen Thielke


Refractory Schizophrenia, Attempted Suicide, and Withdrawal of Life Support: A Clinical Ethics Case Report., Cory Taylor, Jamie C Fertal, and Solomon Liao

Do Everything, Responding to Requests for Futile and Potentially Inappropriate Treatments, Douglas White

Primary Palliative Care in the ICU: Barriers, advances, and unmet needs, Douglas White

Submissions from 2017


Decision Zone at the Margins of Life and Good Health: The Role of Medical Staff Guidelines for the Care of Extremely Early Gestation Pregnancies and Premature Infants., Kevin M. Dirksen, Joseph Kaempf, Mark Tomlinson, and Nicole M Schmidt

When They Can't 'Just Eat': Palliative Approaches and End-of-Life Considerations in Adults with Eating Disorders, Jennifer Gaudiani

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Managing Eating Disorders, Jennifer L. Gaudiani

What They Don’t Say: Non-verbal Patient Behavior and its Role in Medical Decision Making, Ralf Jox

1,001 Ethical Issues with Voluntarily Stopping of Eating and Drinking, Ralf J. Jox


Moral Distress and Associated Factors Among Baccalaureate Nursing Students: A Multisite Descriptive Study., Lorretta Krautscheid, Deborah A DeMeester, Valorie Orton, Austin Smith, Conor Livingston, and Susan M McLennon


Addressing Patient Emotional and Existential Needs During Serious Illness: Results of the Outlook Randomized Controlled Trial., Karen E Steinhauser, Stewart Alexander, Maren K Olsen, Karen M Stechuchak, Jennifer Zervakis, Natalie Ammarell, Ira Byock, and James A Tulsky


Physician Aid in Dying: Caught Between the Extremes., Jeffery Ward

Books from 2016

Responding to Cultural Diversity in Clinical Practice: Revisiting Core Ethical Principles using a Patient-Centered Approach, Joseph Carrese

The Challenge of Patients Who Refuse Recommended Management: An Ethically-Grounded, Practical Approach, Joseph Carrese


Extremely premature birth and the choice of neonatal intensive care versus palliative comfort care: an 18-year single-center experience., Joseph Kaempf, Mark Tomlinson, and J Tuohey

Far from Home and Facing Serious Illness: Palliative Care for Undocumented Immigrants, Anne Kinderman

Caring for Homeless Patients with Progressive Illness, Anne Kinderman and Meg Mullin

Books from 2015

Advance Care Planning Across Culture, Tina Castañares and Barbara Segal

Must We be Morally Courageous in Patient Care, Ann Hamric

Evolution of Palliative Care: What All Providers Need to Know, Michael Rabow

Palliative Care of the Soul, Michael Rabow

Can Reality Match the Rhetoric? Rethinking Social Determinants for Health, Michael Rozier

When Populations Become the Patient: A New Ethic for Health Care, Michael Rozier

Books from 2014

From Detached Concern to Empathy: Humanizing Medical Practice, Jodi Halpern

Groupthink and Caregivers' Projections: Addressing Barriers to Empathy, Jodi Halpern


Ethical Decision-Making Aid for Patients with Diminished Capacity, Nicholas J. Kockler, John Tuohey, and Marian O. Hodges

Compassion Fatigue, Caregiver Burnout and the Balanced Life, Carol Taylor

Give it More Time: The Ethics of Waiting, Carol Taylor

Submissions from 2013


Rounding as an Ethicist: Challenges & Recommendations, Nicholas J. Kockler and John Tuohey

Connecting Ourselves as Health Care Professionals: Mindful Approaches to One Planet Thriving, Donal MacCoon

Books from 2012

Faithful Practice Key Questions at the Intersection of Religion and Medicine, Farr Curlin

Why Conscientious Practices and Refusals are Essential to Good Doctor - Patient Relationships, Farr Curlin

Books from 2011

Navigating Health Care With a Moral Compass Using Professional Codes of Ethics and Moral Reasoning, Barbara Bennett Jacobs

Ethical Challenges in the Use, Abuse, and Addiction to Drugs, Nicholas Kockler

Books from 2010

First do No Harm Optimizing Quality for Frail Elderly and Their Families in the Final Months of Life, Marian Hodges

Books from 2009

Cultural Dimensions of Death and Dying, Barbara Koenig

Personal Integrity in the Medical Professions, Margaret Mohrmann

Deception and Placebo in Patient Management, John Tuohey

Books from 2008

Are Caregivers Prophetic Leaders A New Look at a Very Old Idea, John Tuohey

Books from 2007

Do Everything! Legal Perspectives on Conflict Between Families, Physicians & Patients, Sandra Johnson

Disparities in Health Care: Is Ethics Part of the Problem, Mark Repenshek