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Data independent analysis (DIA) exemplified by sequential window acquisition of all theoretical mass spectra (SWATH-MS) provides robust quantitative proteomics data, but the lack of a public primary human T-cell spectral library is a current resource gap. Here, we report the generation of a high-quality spectral library containing data for 4,833 distinct proteins from human T-cells across genetically unrelated donors, covering ~24% proteins of the UniProt/SwissProt reviewed human proteome. SWATH-MS analysis of 18 primary T-cell samples using the new human T-cell spectral library reliably identified and quantified 2,850 proteins at 1% false discovery rate (FDR). In comparison, the larger Pan-human spectral library identified and quantified 2,794 T-cell proteins in the same dataset. As the libraries identified an overlapping set of proteins, combining the two libraries resulted in quantification of 4,078 human T-cell proteins. Collectively, this large data archive will be a useful public resource for human T-cell proteomic studies. The human T-cell library is available at SWATHAtlas and the data are available via ProteomeXchange (PXD019446 and PXD019542) and PeptideAtlas (PASS01587).


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