ACR-ARS Practice Parameter for Radiation Oncology.

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American journal of clinical oncology : the official publication of the American Radium Society


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AIM/OBJECTIVES/BACKGROUND: This practice parameter was revised collaboratively by the American College of Radiology (ACR), and the American Radium Society. This practice parameter provides updated reference literature regarding radiation oncology practice and its key personnel.

METHODS: This practice parameter was developed according to the process described under the heading The Process for Developing ACR Practice Parameters and Technical Standards on the ACR website ( by the Committee on Practice Parameters-Radiation Oncology of the ACR Commission on Radiation Oncology in collaboration with the American Radium Society.

RESULTS: This practice parameter provides a comprehensive update to the reference literature regarding radiation oncology practice in general. The overall roles of the radiation oncologist, the Qualified Medical Physicist, and other specialized personnel involved in the delivery of external-beam radiation therapy are discussed. The use of radiation therapy requires detailed attention to equipment, patient and personnel safety, equipment maintenance and quality assurance, and continuing staff education. Because the practice of radiation oncology occurs in a variety of clinical environments, the judgment of a qualified radiation oncologist should be used to apply these practice parameters to individual practices. Radiation oncologists should follow the guiding principle of limiting radiation exposure to patients and personnel while accomplishing therapeutic goals.

CONCLUSIONS: This practice parameter can be used as an effective tool to guide radiation oncology practice by successfully incorporating the close interaction and coordination among radiation oncologists, medical physicists, dosimetrists, nurses, and radiation therapists.

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