Parkinson's Disease Diagnosis Using miRNA Biomarkers and Deep Learning.

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Front Biosci (Landmark Ed)


Humans; Parkinson Disease; MicroRNAs; Deep Learning; Machine Learning; Biomarkers; california; pni


BACKGROUND: The current standard for Parkinson's disease (PD) diagnosis is often imprecise and expensive. However, the dysregulation patterns of microRNA (miRNA) hold potential as a reliable and effective non-invasive diagnosis of PD.

METHODS: We use data mining to elucidate new miRNA biomarkers and then develop a machine-learning (ML) model to diagnose PD based on these biomarkers.

RESULTS: The best-performing ML model, trained on filtered miRNA dysregulated in PD, was able to identify miRNA biomarkers with 95.65% accuracy. Through analysis of miRNA implicated in PD, thousands of descriptors reliant on gene targets were created that can be used to identify novel biomarkers and strengthen PD diagnosis.

CONCLUSIONS: The developed ML model based on miRNAs and their genomic pathway descriptors achieved high accuracies for the prediction of PD.

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