Mental health affects everything in our lives, from our relationships to our education, our work to public safety. That’s why Providence St. Joseph Health is creating a new model by integrating mental health treatment into our care settings, creating new partnerships to reach more people and helping people long before they’re in crisis.


Submissions from 2017


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Submissions from 2016

Bipolar disorder, Amy Burns

Psychopharmacology of PTSD, Amy Burns and Eric Krueger


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Submissions from 2015

Four evidence based psych topics, Amy Burns

Psychopharmacology for psychologists, Amy Burns

Top 10 ways to improve your psych practice, Amy Burns


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Books from 2014

Compassion Fatigue, Caregiver Burnout and the Balanced Life, Carol Taylor

Books from 2013

Connecting Ourselves as Health Care Professionals: Mindful Approaches to One Planet Thriving, Donal MacCoon


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Books from 2011

Ethical Challenges in the Use, Abuse, and Addiction to Drugs, Nicholas Kockler